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 E-K-K Koehler 

 Dorfstrasse 45

 D - 85221 Dachau-Pellheim



 Tel-No:  ++49-(0)8131-997373
 Fax-No:  ++49-(0)8131-997374   /-997372
 E-Mail:  e-k-k@e-k-k.com
 Internet:  http://www.e-k-k.com






 Ident.-No:  DE 207229813  
 Tax-No:  107/238/30015 FA Dachau  
 Business hours:  Monday - Thursday  8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
     1:30 p.m. -   5:00 p.m.
   Friday  8:00 a.m. -   1:00 p.m.





The E-K-K Koehler company will celebrated its 15th anniversary this year.

As a distribution and service provider the E-K-K Koehler company is inter alia worldwide active in:

- Semi-finished products of stainless steels (tubes, wires, etc.) and titanium
- Special metals and alloys
- Titanium and constructions made of titanium for the electroplating industry
- Connections parts made of titanium (screws starting M1, nuts, washers, etc.)
- Precision belts and precision foils

Furthermore it has several depots in Germany and cooperates with a mechanical processing operation,

which produces the parts and constructions to costumer specifications for almost all metalic materials,

i.e. you can get from us almost everything from a single source, the starting material and/or

the final product.



DIN ISO 9001


All our suppliers are based on the ISO 9000 and were certified accordingly. The suppliers will be

monitored through continuous audits.





Our goods are delivered on time and reliable by the following conveyances/companies:

- Abele Spedition u. Transport GmbH
- Spedition Logwin
- UPS-Deutschland
- Spedition Merosped





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